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Comprehensive Services

We offer innovative solutions with a high level of vertical integration. The demands of our clients are always the center of our focus. Our service comprises the entire spectrum from the individual initial consultation and development to our worldwide express delivery of manufactured work pieces.


Do you need something very quickly – maybe even on the same day? Call us directly. We will do that for you! We only need a drawing and the delivery address for your work piece. We deliver to the furthest corners of the earth – even via express mail. 

3D Design

Are you looking for a partner, who will design a component or a special work piece for you? We would be happy to take care of that for you!

Design Consulting

Do you design work pieces, but do not have personal experience in manufacturing processes? No problem – we are glad to assist you.

Repairs & Replacement Parts

Send us a model, a drawing or a sketch and we will let you know within 24 hours how fast you can receive a replacement.

Production Consulting

Are you looking for the right production method for a group of work pieces and would like to have a recommendation as to how these work pieces can best be manufactured? Our designers are glad to consult with you!

Cast Work Pieces Milled from Solid Metal

Do you buy cast work pieces? We replace cast work pieces with milled work pieces for many clients. Casting-specific tests and approvals are often no longer necessary. Changes to drawings are simpler. Delivery times are shorts and in many cases the series price is even lower. Send us your casting drawing and we will prepare an offer with a short-term delivery option. 

Strategic Replacement Parts Consulting

Do you want to optimize your portfolio of replacement parts and perhaps to see if you have the right suppliers? We would be glad to do that for you! Get in touch with us and we will analyze your replacement parts and find new suppliers for you.

Operative Replacement Parts Consulting

Do you not want to deal with all the details of procuring your replacement parts in our day-to-day business and need fast and easy solutions? We are the right partner for you.

Individual Services

Do you have a highly customized technical request but do not have the right supplier for it? Our motto is “Nothing is impossible!”.

Preparing Production Drawings

Do you need a production drawing with all respective dimensions, e.g. in front of and behind the surface? We would be happy to prepare and deliver the appropriate file to you.

Single-Batch Delivery

Do you need a single-batch delivery, but do not feel like shooting in the dark with regard to the primary material you use? Order with us with the note “single-batch delivery” and you will receive a guaranteed single-batch delivery, on which you can actually rely. 

Stamped Material

With a re-stamping certificate after the year 2000. Do you need a stamp with re-stamping certificate for each work piece? We would be happy to fulfill this request for you.

Material Service in Accordance with the Current Standard

Are your standards outdated and you cannot place an order because suppliers only deliver with other standards, although you then have conflicting information on the order and delivery papers upon inspecting the incoming goods? Send us your request – we would be happy to take care of it for you!

Worldwide Delivery Service

We deliver to the furthest corners of the earth.

Do you have questions? Let us know!

Do you have questions or need additional information?

You can get in touch with us anytime.

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